Feeder’m to the pigs, Errol

This is just a short post to talk about Feeder at Brixton Academy last Saturday. A bit of a detour for NSNTM. To be honest, they weren't a band I was particularly interested in when they were contemporary, let alone when they're putting out their Greatest Hits album. And I can't stand "Buck Rogers" due... Continue Reading →

Accept-ional life affirming heavy metal

It was a night crammed full of almost every heavy metal clichĂ© imaginable. On 8 February 2018 at KOKO, one of London's most beloved music venues, guitarists locked together in a rhythmic chug, songs extended with completely gratuitous guitar solos, and set-piece choral singalongs were enthusiastically encouraged. It was an outdated, unfashionable and a completely joyous... Continue Reading →

NSNTM Launch

After prompting from NSNTM's biggest and only fan, we've caught up with the 20th century and launched a site to further the cause of all that's important in life. Expect all death metal, some of the time. Expect tantrums thrown about woeful cricket performances (from NSNTM and the England cricket team). Expect musings on history... Continue Reading →

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