Feeder’m to the pigs, Errol

This is just a short post to talk about Feeder at Brixton Academy last Saturday. A bit of a detour for NSNTM. To be honest, they weren’t a band I was particularly interested in when they were contemporary, let alone when they’re putting out their Greatest Hits album. And I can’t stand “Buck Rogers” due to it being one of about 11 songs that tortured me with endless repetition on the Gran Turismo 3 soundtrack. Still, a ticket came up, it was below face value, so I snapped it up to see if pop/rock has anything to offer me anymore.

The answer was a pretty emphatic no. I was fully aware that I was standing in almost exactly the same spot that I’d seen Korn, Hackavist, Red Fang and Mastadon in the last 9 months, all tough acts to follow and Feeder didn’t come close for me.

I was surprised that I knew a good 5 or so of their songs given that I’ve never so much as looked at one of their albums, which might have given me a way into show. On stage though, they were nice, inoffensive and utterly bland for where my music tastes are now. Clearly it appeals to a lot of people as there were plenty of smartly dressed punters losing their shit, but without a nostalgic emotional connection to the music and knowledge of the choruses, there wasn’t a lot to grab on to. With most hard rock/metal if you don’t know the songs there are at least hooks, face-melting riffs or grooves to draw you in. Calls for a most pit from singer, Grant Nicholas were frankly laughable.

There is definitely a place for Feeder in the world and for me, Feeder were at their best when they went harder and work their guitars a bit, with “Stereo World”, “My Perfect Day” and “Come Back Around” (which wouldn’t sound out of place on a Foo Fighters album) standing out. They also played a few more interesting and atmospheric numbers like “Eskimo” and “Universe of Life” which have stayed with me. “Buck Rogers” and “Just A Day” were big live, but you shouldn’t be able to sing along with your own guitar line. Anything more acoustic/singer-songwritery I could do without. I definitely could have done without the self-indulgent 6 song acoustic encore.

Verdict: Not a hint of breakdown or blast beat (which I suppose is fair enough) and a lot of waiting between the (admittedly decent) rockier songs. Maybe a couple of tracks will work their way only a playlist but frankly life is too short to listen to music that, for the most part, is straight down the middle.

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