NSNTM Launch

After prompting from NSNTM’s biggest and only fan, we’ve caught up with the 20th century and launched a site to further the cause of all that’s important in life. Expect all death metal, some of the time. Expect tantrums thrown about woeful cricket performances (from NSNTM and the England cricket team). Expect musings on history and science fiction. Ideally linked to metal. Difficult for cricket but you never know. Now I just need to think of a suitable tagline. In the meantime, as wordpress has set up this post with a quote section and my meagre websiting skills aren’t up to anything more complicated, it would be a shame to waste the quote section below.

“From the tallest mountain he watches, the serpent, the saviour, the eater of men, he who thrives on dead flesh” — A New Empire’s Birth by Keep Of Kalessin

Food for thought indeed.


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